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Your personal money manager helps you anatomize your expenditures

An app that connects all your accounts & cards in one place and helps you analyze expenditures, identify saving opportunities, manage subscriptions.




Business Type



Conceptualization, Design,
Development, and Deployment


React native, Typescript, Django,Python


                      Unify is an app where you can connect your bank accounts, credit cards in just 30 seconds!

We analyze your transactions daily to learn about your income and spending. Get reports on your spent and track your unusual spent. Set your monthly budget and we will take care of the reset. We will notify you when you overspent from your set budget. 

                        When it comes to money, there's no room for compromise. We've built an app from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind.

How did we bring down
the job fulfillment period
to 3 days?

According to research conducted by Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute, 
the number of days it takes to fill an open position in a skilled blue-collar 
job is somewhere between 70 to 93 days. There are a number of contributors 
that make it difficult for businesses to find hourly employees - lack of 
skills-based training, the rise of automation, unreliable hiring process, etc. 

But the one crucial reason is a lack of platforms. The number of active platforms
looking into the employment needs of hourly workers are next to nothing. 
However, even in this grim situation on the supply side, the demand for hourly 
workers is at an all-time high. The present situation of the job market demanded
a solution that would bridge the gap, effectively.

Our process

Define & Discover

We brainstorm requirements 
& discuss deliverables.


Convert the requirements
to a beautiful ergonomic 
UI with the best UX.


Now we develop to bring 
the mockups to life.


Ship once we believe we 
have delivered nothing 
but the best.


I worked with Propelius technologies for developing my website They are a delight to work with and I had a very good experience working with the team. Would definitely hire them again for my future software development needs.

Arpit Agarwal

Founder- TheWebAppMarket

Our project challenges


Analysis report

Users get to see a customized analysis chart for their spendings - day-wise, week-wise, and month-wise. They can see their spent - category-wise and merchant-wise too.


Due bill suggestions

The app will analyze users' past transactions and see which are the recurring transactions. According to that app suggest due payments.


Budget management

The app suggests users' monthly budget according to their previous spendings. Despite users can their budget. After that app prompts you when you are about to reach your budget limit or overspent in a month.


Bank account connection

Using Unify you can connect your account in just 30 seconds. The flow is design in a such way that it takes less effort from the users' point and everything manage internally.

Our development process

We started the project by gathering an understanding of the vision of the solution. The development approach that we had to take for building UNIFY had to have inclusivity at the center. Right from ensuring correct request fallback hierarchy guaranteeing zero misdirection of users’ requests to building a fast, secure, and smart app, every part of the UNIFY project development was aimed at effective users interaction

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